Relentless innovation to unlock new biology
and transform patient lives


Cairn Biosciences is developing next-generation therapeutics that address significant challenges in the treatment of serious diseases.

Cairn’s drug discovery engine addresses the profound unmet need for new tools to decipher cellular complexity and enable scalable discovery of groundbreaking therapies.

Our proprietary approach enables us to monitor multiple dynamic facets of previously inaccessible biology in live cells and fast-track the discovery of a pipeline of drugs for a wide range of indications with an initial focus on cancer.



Mary Ludlam PhD

Founder & CEO

  • Mary
  • Established biopharma leader & serial drug discovery innovator.

  • Visionary pioneer of diverse novel technologies including synthetic & cell biology; high-throughput microscopy; preclinical in vivo imaging; microfluidics; solid state femtosecond lasers & computational analysis.

  • Critical role in several blockbuster oncology programs including venetoclax & polatuzumab

Susana Abreu Ribeiro PhD

Director Discovery Data;

Paris Site Head

  • Susana
  • Multidisciplinary expert & leader of cross-continental biology & data science teams in San Francisco & Paris.

  • Fearless cell biologist & tool builder experienced in AI/ML, CRISPR & high-content screening & synthetic biology. 

  • Ron Vale (HHMI, UCSF) & Bill Earnshaw FRS (Wellcome Center, U. Edinburgh) lab alumna with substantial  expertise in cellular dynamics & oncology.

Catherine Lacayo PhD

Associate Director

Platform Biology

  • Susana
  • Skilled technology marshal, leading platform integration.

  • Expert in quantitative microscopy & cell modeling applied to drug discovery assay development & toxicity testing.

  • Julie Theriot Lab (HHMI, Stanford) alumna with long-standing track record of probing dynamics in diverse cell-based formats.

Amin Fehri

Data Scientist

Céline Maeder


Claire Repellin


David Wartmann

Associate Engineer

Oliver Lai

Senior Research Associate

Amritansh Sharma

Junior Data Engineer

Daniel Zyss

PhD Student

(Mines ParisTech)


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