Mary Ludlam PhD

Founder & CEO

  • Mary
  • Established biopharma R&D group leader

  • Serial drug discovery technology innovator

  • Expertise in cell biology, high-throughput microscopy and computational analysis

  • Critical role in multiple oncology programs including block-buster FDA-approved medicines

Susana Abreu Ribeiro PhD

Director Discovery Biology;

Paris Site Head

  • Susana
  • Development of state of the art technologies for complex cell biology

  • Expert in cell line engineering, live-cell microscopy and high-throughput CRISPR screening

  • Design and implementation of tools and technologies to profile multiple oncology pathways

Catherine Lacayo PhD

Associate Director

Platform Biology

  • Susana
  • Expert in probing dynamics & perturbations in diverse cell-based formats

  • Highly skilled in cell line engineering and quantitative live-cell microscopy

  • Broad assay development skillset encompassing mammalian & iPS cells applied to toxicity testing & disease modeling

Amin Fehri

Data Scientist

Céline Maeder


Claire Repellin


David Wartmann

Associate Engineer

Oliver Lai

Senior Research Associate

Manpreet Kaur

Research Associate

Amritansh Sharma

Data Scientist Intern